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Moon Cloud

Images: RoXy
Brushes: Mutsie
Made with PhotoShop and EditPad by Marge only for HLP.


Black List

Questa pagina è in inglese perchè questo problema non riguarda siti italiani (per il momento...)

This black list is a list of websites that use images from my site without asking any permissions: I don't appreciate this because my images are scanned by me and this is hard for me and serious like a work. I don't appreciate people who save my images and use them for layouts without credit me; I don't appreciate people that build their galleries with my images without asking anything, with the presumptuousness to make a great website: it's not so: I make a good gallery with my images, you with my images are a thief. And I really hate people who use a direct linking to steal my images, that's to say that you don't save the images on your pc, but insert the URL from my site. It's a problem for me because slows my website down.

Anyway, you can use some of my images; you can write me an email and ask: "Can I use some of your images? I'll for sure write in my Credits/Gallery/Main page that images are from the HayLin's Page and credit you". Then you save the images. This is perfect. The same is for layout: you can use all images you want to create your layout, but please, ask and credit me!!

What you have to do if your website is here: It's really a problem and probably I am angry with you. You can, immediatly, write on your website, preferably in the main page, this sentence: "Some of the images that I use are from the HayLin'sPage" with link to here. Then you have to write me an email and avvert me; if you are here by error, write immediatly me and explain me why; probably, your site uses a language that I don't know and I didn't see the credit. Anyway, then, I'll remove your site from Black List.


Resolved situasiones:

- http://bubusss14.sblog.cz --> The webmiss apologizes for her mistakes and promises she'll do not directed linking in the future! Thank you!

Please write me if you find my images in other sites.